Mark McHugh


Mark McHugh ponders the great issues of our time with, what many have called, a less-than-great brain.   He is a Wall Street outsider (a.k.a. the black helicopter crowd), who believes there should not be antonyms found in the phrase, Truth, Justice and the American Way.



  1. “occasional conspiracy”

    honestly you shouldn’t use your real name…

  2. Mark,

    One site you may enjoy is . It’s a forum for There are some very good articles and insights regarding this sham of a system we find ourselves embroiled in. The gentleman that runs it (Not myself) is dedicated to informing anyone that will listen.

  3. Mark,

    Thanks for linking to my commentary about the relationship between Mary Schapiro and Bernie Madoff from Sense on Cents. I hav ewritten extensively on a wide array of failings within our financial regulatory structures.

    I look ofrward to tracking the development of your blog and hope some of my writings might help you along the way!!


  4. slacker…

  5. Dear Mark, Really enjoyed your article(saw it in ZH).


    Keep humming your dissonant tune!
    It’s waking us up, and making us choose.

  7. Mark,

    Just heard about your blog from a friend at work. He was right. Your website is a good read! Keep up the great work. I will be checking back in often.

  8. Thanks. One of these days I’m gonna update this page….

  9. Mark,
    Can you please email me directly regarding the MC Esher: Deficit Financing image. I believe that you created and own this image and I am a photo researcher that works on behalf of textbook publisher Cengage Learning. I am working on a title in which the author would like to use this image in his textbook.

    Please email me and I can give you more specifics (if you could email me before April 27th, that would be appreciated, I am under a tight deadline!). (I looked for your direct email on this site and could not find it..)

    Thank you so much,
    Sara Golden

  10. Mark, your insight intrigues me. Please send me an email to setup a discussion.

  11. Something insensitive about this blog being dead…

  12. It’s just resting…..

  13. Yay!

    Truth without partisan rhetoric!!! I stumbled across your blog by accident, now I’m stuck here reading back issues like crazy!

    Too many people don’t understand that regardless of your race, creed, or political standing, that economic slavery is slavery. And that’s where we’re headed, to the banana republic. The way you point out these things, it’s a shame you don’t have a more visible forum. Of course, that would require bowing to corporate masters to be on TV. And lying, too.

    In any case, thanks again. I’m staying tuned!

    One more thing: any resources that you know of to enlighten those that know nothing about US Economics but will “learn ’em” really quick, and properly? Sort of like a “True US Economics for Dummies” type site/reference?

  14. Thanks Todd,

    I do this for people like you. The hard part about being honest, is it doesn’t make you many friends. Almost every financial blog is tethered to the financial “advisin'” world. You know, those people who make their living by siphoning off other people’s wealth.

  15. I can’t believe I found your site (via I have been a sheeple debt hound most of my life, and 2008 woke me up to your reality. I’m trying to learn and understand now. We became completely debt free this year including the house. I cannot thank you enough for your commentary.

  16. Bravfuckino! I am yet another that stumbled upon your most eloquently written article…and in the past 21 days have since read all of what you have posted on Across The Street. For many months now I have been studying and pretty much the same issues that you have written about. I have personally made preparations and have tried to tell my friends and family what is happening and what WILL happen. That is: “ one day the smoke will clear your view in the now smokless mirror will be that of a truck about to run over you” Few listen but I am sure with your fucktarded way with words they may too wake the hell up before it is all over. I’ll be reading you! …THANKS! GL

  17. Thank you, GL.

    It really means a lot to me when people go through my archives. I’ve been lucky enough to have penned some pieces that got a lot of attention, which creates some demand for new pieces from me, but not many dig through what’s already here. Some of the pieces that got relatively little attention are in my opinion my best (granted there are some stinkers in there too). I don’t get much time to write these days, so its great to know that some of the things I wrote years ago, when not many were listening, are reaching new ears today.



  18. Yea Johnny! Most current fiscal issues, as well as very many non related issues are like a homophobic nightmare …. When “we the people” eventually ALL start waking up to take a look at what is REALLY going on it will be late to put a lock that closet door. In as much, I see little (or more like no) hope and I am not the pessimistic type. As they say, the damage has already been done. I have never un-wrecked an automobile and some of em I could not ever get fixed either. On the bright side. One can indeed make ice-cream out of dogshit. Unfortunately no amount of vanilla bean will ever disguise the taste.

  19. Agreed. Avoiding a true collapse isn’t likely, but the number of people still sleep-walking pretty much seals the deal. The bigger question for me is what will rise from the ashes. I believe the longer we choose to ignore reality, the worse it will be. As bad as the Great Depression was, it produced a generation that had their heads screwed on right. Now we are living through what Herbert Spencer warned of:
    “The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly, is to fill the world with fools.”

    (Incidentally, that is one of my all-time favorite quotes and much of my writing is aimed at exposing those fools)

  20. Guys,

    It’s sad that:

    By now, most people know what’s going on, generally speaking. Granted, most don’t know half of the half of etc.

    Most people know the cause(s) that have lead up to this point. To paraphrase: ‘All it takes is people seeing evil and, well, just staring at it.’

    Most people, especially the well-informed, have thrown in the towel.

    So my question to you all is: how the f… do we wake up a sleeping giant? What and where is the call to action?



  21. Hi Scott,

    I really think the core problem is that most Americans are already dependent on the government. Mitt Romney’s “47%” estimate was way off.

    We’ve got 46 million on food stamps. 22 million directly “employed” by the government (Fed, state and local). What’s important to understand about that is a government employee, by definition, is not a taxpayer. I’m not saying they don’t work hard (some certainly do), I’m saying that salary is supposed to be paid by taxes collected from those gainfully employed in the private sector. Deficit spending allows that relationship to be severed, and government employees begin paying themselves what they think they’re worth, not what the private sector can provide. They’ve destroyed the very tax base that was supposed to support them and think this can continue.

    The next set of culprits is the pseudo-private sector. The people who don’t draw government checks directly, but whose salary is paid by borrowed government money. Big culprits include defense contractor employees, higher education and a big chunk of the construction industry (I’ll bet you see road work crews everyday in your travels).

    Then there’s the bailed out financial “industry”. Who’s existence is predicated on tax-deferred dollars flowing to Wall Street and squeal like stuck pigs at the suggestion that they be taxed themselves. Keep in mind, a whole lot of that money is money borrowed to pay the people described above. Every suggestion that would actually help to revive the private sector (raise minimum wage, stop illegals from taking American jobs etc.) gets shot down in flames. “I deserve my $150k salary from the SEC, but I think YOU should have to compete with the lowest bidder, and be grateful.” “Pay cut? Me? Don’t you understand how important I am?”

    See where this is going?

    Individuals try to act in their own best interest, so they gravitate to endeavors that they believe will pay well, without understanding that their entire existence was one gigantic unpaid bill. Borrow from the government for the education to get a government job. Use the government job to get a government-backed mortgage. Use earnings from government job to repay government loans. Collect government pension. Private sector? Who needs it?

    In my opinion, deficit spending is the great distorter of value. In everything. If government employees didn’t get paid unless their salaries were collected through taxation, everything would change. Read the footnotes here carefully:

    Minimum wage for government worker was established in 1966 at a 40% discount to minimum wage for a private sector worker. How did we get from that to paying government workers 150% of their private counterparts? A: Deficit spending. Scott, I don’t believe all these people discussed are ever going to give up their gravy train. They’re going to ride it until the wheels come off, courtesy of Ben Bernanke.

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