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In Open Thread on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 1:44 am

File this under “unintended consequences.”

Producing anything that anyone might ever call “art” wasn’t on my bucket list.  When I started writing, images just started popping into my head.  This was the first:

I still think it sums up our nation’s folly better than any words I’ll ever write.  Since then, a lot of other strange pictures have fallen out of my head, and someday I’ll round them up and display them all together.  But this is not that day.

I quickly realized that making gag images was far more fun for me than fact-finding and writing.  Long story short: I’ve got some images to get rid of. 

I was saving this for QE3, but I’ve grown impatient.


I’m a huge Gary Larson fan.  When Draghi replaced Trichet, I looked him up and found he was an M.I.T. PhD,  just like Bernanke.  Then the vice president of the ECB (Lucas Papademos) appointed himself king of Greece.  Another MIT PhD!!!  Either nobody else noticed, or nobody else cared that the engineers of the Great Greek Tragedy were MIT fucktards (as is Paul Krugman).   M.I.T. has developed weapons-grade stupidity and the fallout is everywhere!!!  Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, Christina Romer, Larry Summers, John Thain, Carly Fiorina, just about everybody connected to LTCM.  Wherever there’s a financial trainwreck, I guarantee you there’s an M.I.T. douchenozzle nearby.  Of course M.I.T. is located in Cambridge, Mass., which is also home to Harvard.  Harvard, in case you didn’t know, is where the rest of the numbskulls the world would be better off without learned to cheat, lie and steal, including BOTH presidential candidates. 

Anyway, I was planning a piece called, “Where Do These Idiots Come From?”, but it was just too big a list for me to do justice to.  All you other bloggers out there, please, feel free.

My Super-Mario

….And sometimes all you’ve gotta do is crop it.  Since we don’t have Sarkozy to kick around any more, I decided to cut out Angela, and wait….

Never worked this one into a post.  Still can’t believe he said that out loud.  I should probably be a whole lot rougher on Geithner, but I can’t because he’s Barney-fuckin’-Fife to me.  Who could persecute Barney?

This is “super” Grover Nordquist, king of the pseudo-conservatives.   I pledge to never vote for one!

Fellow bloggers:  Please take ’em and use ’em.  And that goes for all of my original content.

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  2. MM..a quik thumbs up for your use of cursing/swear words..i won’t attempt to rival you uninvited..only the vilest humor portrays these demons in their real life..most surely they don’t rate the dignity of pure thot & speech..bad social grammar is their intellectual idiom..let them wear their own colored star priudly..i love your writing

  3. Some things/people don’t warrant polite discourse. When you are willing to steal from other people’s children, you’re a monster and I’m not inclined to be nice to monsters. Decent people should despise these people and their so-called policies.

    Feel free to rival me, but I warn you, there are lines I don’t cross and won’t allowed to be crossed on this blog (hopefully that’s all the warning you need).

    And thanks for the compliment, Tim. Writing isn’t easy for me, so it’s nice to hear when it means something to someone else.


  4. I like your few dirty words every now and again myself, find they add that missing “something” to the TRUTH. Some how they are always perfectly placed to get a laugh. I am with you Mark on these as I have zero tolerance for anyone who has had any part in piling this steaming heap of dog shit onto our children’s and grand kids plates. And if anyone don’t follow that line of reasoning then they need to … SUCK IT.

    And be sure to vote folks, as you now can now all see it does all of the good! It does not matter who for, just be sure do it because it can be fixed even if you do it wrong.

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