Mark McHugh

Would You Throw Them All Out?

In Open Thread on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 3:51 pm

Divide and Conquer.  Probably the oldest war strategy on the planet, right?

I assert that Americans are far more united than we realize, so here’s a very simple question:

Since it is unlikely that Gallup picks up this question anytime soon, I’m asking for your help to make this go viral.



  1. Problem is 95% of Americans are completely ignorant of the constitution, rule of law, etc that we would end up just as bad if not worse. What if the radomly choosen were anti-second amendment or anti-religious freedom, …were would that lead?

    However, if 95% of the American’s randomly choosen were educated and beleived in individual liberty and freedoms then we may fair better.

    But just randomly chosing people to serve in some sort of weird lottery is a bad idea.

  2. Tyson,

    I think your numbers are harsh, but considering I just heard a presidential candidate express concern that China is trying to develop nuclear weapons, maybe not. Or maybe Purdue doesn’t teach things like that.

    Honestly, I don’t believe I know a single adult over 30 who wouldn’t know that.

    Anyway, “selected at random” doesn’t necessarily mean “completely at random.” Maybe you have to pass a test to get into the lottery, and maybe that test should include a question like, “What country’s already have nuclear weapons?” and “What does the fourth amendment prohibit?” (apparently most of the 535 would get that wrong).

    I think what this poll shows is that most of us agree that we’ve got a worthless pack of vermin running the joint. The rest is details.

  3. except ron paul and his son rand

  4. I think it could be a good idea but it would have to be done fast. I think Americans keep proving over and over that they are a 2 party country, anything else scares them. I hope you are right.

  5. Keith,

    I’m not so sure. In my conversations (not TV), I hear less and less partisan talk, and more anger at the whole bunch. The way they “united” to raise the debt ceiling without producing a budget angered many.

  6. You’re changing the rules posed by the question, Dave. It’s all or none.

  7. You know its not a bad idea make it like jury duty and choose intelligent thinking individuals from all walks of life and give them the responsibility of running The Country. How bad could it be as it couldnt get much worse. End the two party nonsensical system and just look for answers. the average Joe would be much better than the Guttersnipes we have in office now eating at the trough

  8. They do divide and conquer. See LOYALTY TO COUNTRY and other videos at

  9. 96.13% so far want all of them thrown out of Washington. It’s hard to to though
    because the 1% that are in control (money, media, police force) have the power
    to not let it happen. Look what is happening to the “Occupy” movements. The 1%
    will continue to to take more money out of your pockets while presenting themselves
    as having a plan to bring prosperity for everyone.

  10. […] Is this the kind of representation in the U.S. Congress you want? Is this the sort of country you want live in? Will you do anything to fix these injustices? Vote – keep them or throw them out. […]

  11. Hey Mark! The perma-bulls are calling for a huge rally in PM’s which is impossible as long as the CRIMEX is the price “discovery” mechanism. When will the paper tail stop wagging the silver dog? Months? Years? Sorry to go off topic but nobody seems to want to address this.

    Citizens chosen at random would be a great improvement. Their staff could explain the job to them. I would especially like to see nine citizens chosen at random on the Supreme Court.

  12. Good to hear from you, WC

    Since you asked…..

    December has already been a HUGE physical settlement month at the Comex (I mean f-ing HUGE!) for gold.

    The last time we saw this much volume was June 2010…
    (here’s an archive I found)
    You’re a smart guy, so I’ll be cryptic…Look at the buyers and sellers, then and now. Then look at some currency charts focusing on that period and I think you’ll find something very interesting.

    Silver: Margin hikes aside, last time I checked, it looks like the papersilverbugs allowed their December contracts to be rolled. Next battleground, March. But considering that it would only take about $1B to relieve the crimex of all its silver, the silver explosion can happen anytime. When? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Funny you should mention the Supreme Court, too. Last Night I wrote to Bernie Sanders because he’s proposing a Constitutional ammendment to reverse the “Corporate Personhood” decision. I recommended that he pursue an amendment that allows for the Supreme court to be subject to confidence votes instead, and vacating the decisions of a court deemed to be corrupt.

    However, I think the Supreme court (as much as I don’t like the present one) should always be composed of lawyers.

  13. Sorta like choosing a prostitute then? Well, “I know what I’ve had,” to quote a line from the movie Paint Your Wagon Jjane Seymore]. Right?

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