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Who Voted to Increase the Debt Ceiling (List from 5-31-2011)

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I haven’t put together that list yet (I do this for free), I’ll get to it as soon as I can

Thanks mainstream media, for once again providing a blogger with the opportunity to pick up your slack (a search for “debt ceiling vote results” proved fruitless…surprise, surprise).  So here’s the complete list of US Representives that thought it was a good idea to raise the US National debt ceiling on May 31, 2011.  The voting public will express their opinion November 6.

Until then, enjoy the lap dances at CNBC. 

Despite the propaganda blitz, only 19%   of Americans actually wanted their representatives to vote to raise the debt limit, according to Gallup.  47% did NOT want the limit raised.  The other 34% are too lazy to form an opinion (good luck getting them to turn out on election day).

Meanwhile the red guys and the blue guys continue their charades.  “Raise taxes on the rich!” “Cut spending!”

Here’s the joke:  When all is said and done, the public debt ends up in the very private bank accounts of the super-rich (this is true everywhere on planet Earth), so the rich want the debt ceiling raised, not the poor, not the vanishing middle class.  They set up the system that way.  The last thing they want to happen is a US debt default.   The poor are already  good at being poor, the rich not so much.   If we don’t raised the debt ceiling congress will have to cut spending and attempt to tax the rich.  If there’s one thing rich people hate, it’s paying taxes (count on that).  Guess what they’ll do to avoid taxes?  Spend like hell.  And presto! we will suddenly find the “private sector spending” that has eluded all these morons.  Since there will be no new tax dollars flowing to Washington, they will have to cut spending even more…..Not raising the debt ceiling will accomplish what everyone says they want, so why not not do it?  Congress never bothered to to pass a budget for 2011, so all’s we’re really asking them to do is show the same lack of initiative regarding our debt enslavement.  Is that too much?

The only places people seem to believe “taxing the rich will ruin everything…..” and “we have to raise the debt ceiling”  are inside my TV and in the trollosphere.  I’m actually proud of my countrymen again.  We’re moving beyond the red-team-blue-team brainwashing and learning to hate politicians for the vermin they are.

So with no further adieu, here’s the list (so far) of cretins willing to admit that they think they’re smarter than those they represent:

Alabama – 7th Terri Sewell
Arizona – 4th Ed Pastor
Arizona – 7th Raul Grijalva
California – 10th John Garamendi
California – 12th Jackie Speier
California – 13th Fortney Pete Stark
California – 14th Anna Eshoo
California – 15th Michael Honda
California – 16th Zoe Lofgren
California – 17th Sam Farr
California – 27th Brad Sherman
California – 28th Howard Berman
California – 30th Henry Waxman
California – 34th Lucille Roybal-Allard
California – 35th Maxine Waters
California – 39th Linda Sanchez
California – 51st Bob Filner
California – 5th Doris Matsui
California – 6th Lynn Woolsey
California – 9th Barbara Lee
Colorado – 1st Diana DeGette
Colorado – 7th Ed Perlmutter
Connecticut – 1st John Larson
Connecticut – 4th James Himes
Connecticut – 6th Christopher Murphy
Florida – 17th Frederica Wilson
Hawaii – 1st Colleen Hanabusa
Hawaii – 2nd Mazie Hirono
Illinois – 1st Bobby Rush
Illinois – 2nd Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Illinois – 4th Luis Gutierrez
Illinois – 5th Mike Quigley
Illinois – 7th Danny Davis
Illinois – 9th Janice Schakowsky
Indiana – 7th Andre Carson
Kentucky – 3rd John Yarmuth
Louisiana – 2nd Cedric Richmond
Maine – 1st Chellie Pingree
Maryland – 2nd C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger
Maryland – 3rd John Sarbanes
Maryland – 4th Donna Edwards
Massachusetts – 1st John Olver
Massachusetts – 2nd Richard Neal
Massachusetts – 3rd James McGovern
Massachusetts – 4th Barney Frank
Massachusetts – 5th Niki Tsongas
Massachusetts – 7th Edward Markey
Massachusetts – 8th Michael Capuano
Massachusetts – 9th Stephen Lynch
Michigan – 13th Hansen Clarke
Michigan – 15th John Dingell
Michigan – 5th Dale Kildee
Minnesota – 4th Betty McCollum
Minnesota – 5th Keith Ellison
Mississippi – 2nd Bennie Thompson
Missouri – 1st Wm. Lacy Clay
Missouri – 5th Emanuel Cleaver
New Jersey – 10th Donald Payne
New Jersey – 12th Rush Holt
New Jersey – 13th Albio Sires
New Jersey – 8th Bill Pascrell, Jr.
New Jersey – 9th Steven Rothman
New Mexico – 1st Martin Heinrich
New Mexico – 3rd Ben Ray Lujan
New York – 11th Yvette Clarke
New York – 12th Nydia Velazquez
New York – 14th Carolyn Maloney
New York – 16th Jose Serrano
New York – 17th Eliot Engel
New York – 18th Nita Lowey
New York – 21st Paul Tonko
New York – 4th Carolyn McCarthy
New York – 8th Jerrold Nadler
New York – 9th Anthony Weiner
North Carolina – 12th Melvin Watt
North Carolina – 13th Brad Miller
North Carolina – 4th David Price
Ohio – 10th Dennis Kucinich
Ohio – 11th Marcia Fudge
Oregon – 3rd Earl Blumenauer
Pennsylvania – 14th Michael Doyle
Pennsylvania – 1st Robert Brady
Pennsylvania – 2nd Chaka Fattah
Tennessee – 5th Jim Cooper
Tennessee – 9th Steve Cohen
Texas – 18th Sheila Jackson-Lee
Texas – 20th Charles Gonzalez
Texas – 30th Eddie Bernice Johnson
Texas – 9th Al Green
Vermont Peter Welch
Virginia – 11th Gerald Connolly
Virginia – 3rd Robert Scott
Virginia – 8th James Moran
Washington – 2nd Rick Larsen
Washington – 6th Norman Dicks
Washington – 7th Jim McDermott
Wisconsin – 4th Gwen Moore


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  1. I am glad you are blogging again. Thank you for the hit, I mean congressional participants list and the silver updates.

  2. Thanks DT,

    I’m not feeling or seeing anything new in silver right now. I created the list because I couldn’t find one anywhere.

    This debt ceiling thing’s got me intriqued though. They need a catalyst, if you know what I mean.

  3. nice McHugh.

  4. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for compiling a list.

    BTW….these guys are d-bags!

  5. Thanks for the list. I’d also be very curious to see a list of those currently serving that have previously voted to raise the debt limit. Any chance you could continue doing the journalists jobs for them and put that together?

  6. Hi Jeff,
    I’m a little swamped with other stuff at the moment, so I doubt I’ll get to it anytime soon.

    I never felt the debt ceiling votes were a really big deal until recently. They’ve burned through $5 Trillion in three years. It took 15 years to accumulate the previous $5 Trillion, and the accumulated public debt for the first 217 years of our country wasn’t even $5 Trillion. So the importance of these votes is growing exponentially.

    If you click on the “source” link in the article, you’ll see what a horrible job congress does reporting votes….they don’t even identify state or first name in most cases. Working that into something digestibIe takes time. I want to go back to the TARP vote first. I know there are some versions floating around out there, but I haven’t found one that is accurate yet. For some strange reason at least a couple floating around “accidently” recorded Boehner as a no on TARP (he absolutely positively was a yes). All the versions I’ve seen contain multiple mistakes like that, so I feel the need to make one from scratch and that’s going to take some time.

    I did capture the Bernanke Senate vote:

  7. Doyle was the lone pa congressmen who voted against raising the debt ceiling. Although he did call the tea party members terrorist. But a no vote is a no vote

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