Mark McHugh

Talking Tradition?

In Open Thread on Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 11:06 pm

“Traditionally Gold is viewed as a hedge against inflation…..”

I hear that idiotic statement (or ones like it) come flying out of my TV every single day.  It is a classic example of how you can completely misframe a discussion and this simple tactic is rampant in our media.  If you allow yourself to be sucked into the false premises of the discussions, your fate is already sealed.  Here’s what you probably should be thinking when you hear the above statement:

“…..No…Traditionally gold is money and traditionally fiat currencies arrive at their intrinsic value, which is nothing.”

In the scope of human history that statement is undeniably true, yet never voiced in the American media.  Why?

Misframing discussions like this is becoming a cornerstone of America.  Am I the only one noticing?

  1. I have always loved how they misframe the obvious to lead people away from rational thought and back to Mamby Pamby land.

  2. Circumcision.

    Seriously, enough people tell you its good and you’ll cut off whatever…

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