Mark McHugh

Who owns the US Debt

In Open Thread on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 at 8:52 am

This graphic from should serve as a reality check for everyone….

A few words about transparency

Um, there still not enough.  Treasury issued $461.7 Billion in debt in 2010 Q1, of which only  $174.3 B has been accounted for on the Treasury’s quarterly bulletin (Table OFS-2).   I hate to be the one pointing this out, but that leaves $287.4 B unaccounted for (62%).  Treasury had more than two months to prepare the report.

  1. Good to see you still posting Mark, it is kinda like “magic”, isn’t it?

  2. Hey Gomp,

    I have been writing some, but very badly and unable to finish anything. I spent hours going through the treasury report, looking at the trends. That unexplained $287B is a great story, because it is surely almost all going in the “Other Investors” column.

    “Other Investors” are going to hold more that 10% of our debt by the end of 2010. More than China or Japan. More than anybody but the Fed.

    I really think it’s time to meet our “other investors.” I don’t know about you, but I think we may already know them….

    Anyway, so far writing the story has been a absolute trainwreck. I mean a bloody mess. I don’t know if it’s ever gonna see the light of day, and there’s a couple other monsters in the closet too.

    But thank you for stopping by, Gomp. The fact that a few people still do, even during long periods of silence means a lot.

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