Mark McHugh

“New Math” at CNBC?

In Open Thread on Monday, March 22, 2010 at 7:40 am


Back when I was in school, something that was 10,741.98 and is now 10,627 was said to have changed -114.98, not -60.  Maybe it’s been so long since cheerleader central had to perform subtraction they’re a little rusty.
But wouldn’t it be unfortunate for the poor slobs who actually rely on CNBC for accurate, actionable, and unbiased information if this is the start of a major market correction?  Nothing to see here, folks;  just a little pressure.  Move along now.
Given the recent weirdness of the dollar index (previous post), and some other data that no one seems inclined to discuss (including me), John Q. Public may be in for quite a surprise.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough. 

Update 12:45 –  Silly me.  Apparently help was on the way the whole time: 


The good folks at CNBC just didn’t want to worry us unnecessarily.  Stocks aren’t allowed to go down anymore (it makes the natives restless).  Sometimes I forget.

  1. Gotta love CNBC. I think my favorite is when Warren Buffet said that if the country continues to run on a deficit that the dollar would become “worth less”. (Which makes sense and he clearly said it as two words in the interview) CNBC reported that Buffet claimed the dollar would be “worthless” in that scenario. It caused a big stink if I remember correctly.

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