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In Open Thread on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 10:00 pm

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all!

Contrary to popular hope, I’m not dead.  I’ve been busy and a big project had to hit the scrap heap (at least for now).  But I had to drop a line tonight.  I’ve looked at thousands and thousands of dollar index charts, but I’ve never seen one that looked like this before:


Moving on…..

No one out there is seriously considering listening to Chris Dodd on financial reform, are they?  I kid you not, I would rather see Bernie Madoff write a financial reform bill.  Dodd is a sleazeball who should be in jail with a longer sentence than Madoff.  Remember who paid for Dodd’s 2004 campaign: 


Moving on…..

I’ve not chimed in on healthcare reform in any meaningful way until now.  I think we all agree that reform is needed, but just because you label something “HEALTHCARE REFORM” doesn’t mean that’s what it is (remember “PATRIOT ACT”?).  I wouldn’t trust this pathetic bunch of weasels to make a batch of Irish potatoes, so honestly, what are the odds that this monstrosity of a bill that no one actually wants to discuss in any detail contains more good than harm?  I’m  goin’ with zero.

What I hate more than anything, is the cheap tugs at the heart-strings.  Anyone with half a heart wants to help people like Natoma Canfield.  To use her plight to gain support for legislation birthed in corruption is contemptible.  Utterly contemptible. 

Chris Matthews showed a clip today of some truly heartless douche-bags taunting a man with Parkinson’s disease at a healthcare/anti-healthcare rally.  Here’s the thing – it smells like clever propaganda to me.  In other words, people who oppose healthcare reform are total dickheads – so support this black box labelbed healthcare reform, or you’re a dickhead too.  Fuck you.  Here’s the link.

And you still believe in Leprechauns, do you?

That’s the punchline to a motif of jokes popular at this time of year.  Google it at your own peril.  In all its variations, it always involves a naive victim, a well-endowed midget and sodomy.  Sadly, it has become a metaphor for any American expecting anything good to come from our government.

Legislation this important should be constructed sentence by sentence in the light of day.  And I see no reason why it can’t be produced in smaller pieces.  Bottom line – I don’t trust these fuckers one bit and I can’t understand anyone who does.

Wish you were here…

  1. Now that you mention it, I too would like to know what Bernie Madoff would include in a financial reform bill. Maybe the government should start a ponzi-style scam with foreign investments. Call North Korea. Kim Jong Il will give you his money yesterday if he were promised a 20% return. It would lower our deficit and smooth things over with them… until it collapses. But that’s in the future. Who cares about the future. It’s all about now!!!

  2. Shhhh…..I think we’re already doing this.

  3. Great post Mark, always follow the money… You do not have to buy all politicians, just the right ones.

    When the parties in charge change, so do the names on the bribes, I mean campaign contributions…

    It is interesting that the last company on the list has had a long history of trying to overthrow the U.S. and has spawned 2 Presidents.

    For an even more interesting read, google Maj. General Smedley Butler/ FDR coup, they never teach the truth in Goobermint Schools…

    Seek and you shall find…

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