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Those who spoke out against Bernanke – The “A” list

In Open Thread on Friday, February 12, 2010 at 10:35 pm

Note: I’ll be letting the Bernanke thing go shortly….

I have no doubt the re-appointment of Ben Bernanke as Fed chief will prove catastrophic for the US economy.  What is more unnerving to me is how many failed to grasp the obvious; Bernanke wiped his ass with his job description and that resulted in an economic collapse that we have not even begun to feel the effects of yet.  When the structural flaws in the World’s financial system became too obvious to ignore, Bernanke showed up with stucco and paint.  I guess that’s why so many fools thought him a savior.

This isn’t about fools, however.  It’s about the brave and honest souls who spoke up loud and clear.   I hope you’ll remember this list when trying to decide who you should (and probably shouldn’t) listen to.  Please use the comments section for people I missed and I’ll be glad to add them:

The “A” List

Yves Smith at To my knowledge, the very first blogger to call for action.  She called for readers to support Bernie Sanders’ efforts to send Bernanke packing and start contacting Senators.  John Hancock would be proud.

The Daily Bail  No investment advice here, Steve just  chronicles the “generational rape” of America.  It has become my favorite site, because a nation without justice isn’t a nation at all.

Mish – The eloquent Mike Shedlock has never been a fan of Bernanke, but I was very glad to see him call out to his readers to join the fight.

Tyler Durden at  – “America deserves all it gets if it allows its Senators to reconfirm this human being for the most important post in the world.”  If that’s not a call to action, I don’t know what is.  Although I can not find a “call your senator” quote from Mr. Durden, he has been perhaps the most consistent antagonist of Zibabwe Ben.

James Quinn at

Update: Sonic Ninja Kitty: I’m more than a little embarassed that I would omit someone who’s been so supportive of me.  Sonic is one of the rare bloggers whose motives are pure.  No self-promotion, no hidden agenda (making sure future generations are not debt slaves is her agenda, but it’s hardly hidden), and fun, in a relentless kind of way.

I am sure I missed many others.  I would certainly give Dylan Ratigan and Stephen Colbert “Honorable mentions” for there efforts to raise awareness on Bernanke’s record, but to my knowledge, neither suggested Americans actually take action against Bernanke.  Mr Ratigan is afterall, employed by General Electric, whose CEO is a New York Fed Director (for reasons I still cannot fathom).  Honestly, it seems like a cheap shot to give Dylan only an honorable mention after all he has done to raise awareness on the pillaging of America.  He is an extraordinary journalist and by far the most honest and insightful person on Television (we’re still waiting for a book from you, Dylan).  I had hoped he would say, “look America, we’ve got to get rid of this guy,” but it was not to be.  All those other media windbags (Beck, Limbaugh, Maddow, Olberman and sadly, even Jon Stewart…..) proved just how clueless and worthless they are.  That last sentence was a little harsh – a lot of them are probably just wishy-washy.

Just remember the ones who weren’t next time you don’t know who to believe. 

  1. I will have to check some of these others out.

  2. This is a dollar short and a month late, but Fuck Yeah!, Mark. Never, never let it go. NEVER. If Fortune should smile on you and you happen to meet Senator Douche Bag oh, I dunno…20 years from now, I expect you to (quite literally) kick him in the shins, take his cane and bludgeon him with it. Beat him to a bloody, …. Ok, Ok, I’ll stop. But you know you’d do it. 😉

    Hope you’re well.

    James H

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