Mark McHugh

What the Bernanke Confirmation really means

In Open Thread on Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 6:38 pm

By now, everyone knows that the US Senate confirmed Ben Bernanke for a second four-year term by a cloture vote of 77-23 (the “actual” vote was a sham, I’ll talk about later).  The vote really wasn’t so much about Bernanke as it was a very basic intelligence test of our elected officials.  They failed miserably.  Anyone who supported Bernanke may as well have gotten “I have no idea what the fuck just happened” tattooed across their forehead.  Hey, it’s your forehead, babe.

More importantly though, you’ve proved beyond any doubt, that you’re unfit to lead.  Healthcare reform? Hahaha.  No thanks,  not from you numbskulls.  Financial reform??? Get bent, seriously.  Please confine your activities to spitball fights until replacements can be found.

  1. Don’t raise the flag upside down yet… I know it is frustrating, but the people must be awakened from the slumber they are in.

  2. I like the point you made before–and I think you are intending to write a whole post on?–that the TRAITORS need special attention. Yep.

  3. So which is it — ass-less panties or a picture of my bare ass? I hate these bastards as much as you do. I’m just letting the venom gestate for another day or two. Did any of you write your idiot Satanor….er Senator, yet? I can’t freakin’ believe that Lugar voted “Yes.” (Buh) Bayh I expected, but jeesh…

    Gomp, do you have a special supplier for ass-less panties, or do you just make them yourself?


  4. I let the dogs play tug of war til they rip the ass out, don’t send a picture, they might be able to pick you out of a line up. LOL.

  5. they might be able to pick you out of a line up. LOL.


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