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Will the Senate try to “Jam” Bernanke through on Friday?

In Open Thread on Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 3:00 am

….. here’s one thing I know and I just want to make sure that this is off the table. The Senate certainly shouldn’t try to jam anything through until Scott Brown is seated. People in Massachusetts spoke. He’s got to be part of that process.

~President Barack Obama 1/20/2010

Yet, in other news…..

US Senate may vote on Bernanke as early as Friday (also reported 01/20/2010)

Maybe you’re wondering how long it takes to seat a US Senator.   According to Juliet Lapidos of, it is at least ten days (Friday is two days away).   Maybe you’re thinking the vote will be delayed (Bernanke’s term officially expires January 31).  Maybe you’re thinking that since Bernanke is a person, not a thing, it’s okay to try to jam him through.   To me, it’s another chance to watch politicians spit in our faces while simultaneously shooting themselves in the foot (good comedy, as long as I don’t think about the Debt Clock).  But hey, whatever you clowns wanna do is fine by me.

 As of this writing, a coherent argument as to why the Federal Reserve Chairman deserves a second term remains as elusive as those televised debates on healthcare reform we were promised.   There isn’t one.  Bernanke failed to follow an unbelievably simple set of instructions (aka his job description) and that, more than any other single factor, is what caused the financial crisis.  The praise he is receiving comes only from the capitalist failures whose obscene lifestyles he has preserved, along with the politicians and propaganda  they buy.

Fun facts: GE chairman Jeff  Immelt is a Class B director of the New York Federal Reserve.  Class B directors are appointed to represent the public (that always makes me throw up in my mouth a little).  GE owns NBC (see where this is goin’…).

It comes as no surprise to me that the mainstream media considers the Bernanke confirmation a lock (go ask Martha Coakley what a MSM lock is worth), but I truly believe our politicians are realizing that the buzzing sounds they’re hearing in the background are axes being sharpened. 

Cops & Robbers (and Professors)

It is actually very easy to understand why Bernanke has been such an abject failure.   The Chairman of the Federal Reserve is supposed to be a cop (see the job description), not a friggin’ “maestro”, and certainly not a school teacher.  When you charge an egg-headed professor with the task of keeping order in a lawless neighborhood, all hell’s gonna break loose – guaranteed.  Here’s the parable:

Some nit-wit in Gotham gets the bright to hire a law professor as a beat cop in a neighborhood renowned for gambling, prostitution, and God knows what else.  The criminals are gonna love him  and his complete lack of  “street smarts”.  Things are gonna get crazier and crazier, until sooner or later, the town’s going to wind up in flames, at which time, Professor Douche-bag calls the Fire Department.  When the town almost burns to the ground, people start asking questions.  Of course, the crooks are gonna hail this guy as a Messiah!  And Professor Douche-bag isn’t going to start cracking skulls; he’s going to start writing ridiculous laws rather than admit he’s an incompetent boob and spend all the City’s money trying to conceal the mayhem he’s responsible for.

And as retarded as that story is, that’s exactly what is happening to America’s financial system.  The damage is already horrific, but it is compounding every day we ignore it.   And it will only stop when we tell Ben Bernanke to pick up his economic theories and get the fuck out.  We need a real cop in charge at the Fed.

If you’re feeling charitable, you may want to remind your Senator who he works for, but I must admit, it’s more fun when they find out on election day.


  1. I agree with you. After researching this issue it is very apparent Mr. Bernanke bears a major amount of the responsibility for the recession and other economic problems facing the American People. His method for fixing this problem has been to put the fire out after the house is in ashes by throwing gasoline on it. 17% to 20% of Americans are out of work, millions are losing their homes and financial futures, his answer is to allow the big banks to gamble with our tax money and pay little or no interest with huge risks for the American Taxpayer. He’s running the biggest Ponzi Scheme the planet has ever seen. Get rid of him, he has failed to do his job and when people fail to do their job they get fired. I would urge the Senate to vote against confirming Mr. Bernanke. I also believe they should pass S-604 and find out what the hell has really been going on at the FED for the last 96 years. It may help explain why the Dollar lost 95% of it’s value during that period. I and others I’m sure, would like to know how that happened. 2010 and 2012 aren’t that far off and after what happened in Mass. the 19th, the Congress and the Administration may be in for some major surprises, God I hope so! I think we the people are finally waking up and realizing we want change and we are going to have it.

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by Sagebrush.

    This post was slapped together pretty quickly when it looked like the vote would be Friday, but here’s what I don’t get: How can anybody even make the case that Bernanke did his job??? There is ZERO evidence that he did what he was supposed to do!

    Extraordinary measures become neccessary when ordinary duties are neglected. If people (especially elected officials) can’t understand that: We’re doomed!

  3. Whoa–hard to keep up with you these days. Great post!

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