Mark McHugh

Emergency Broadcast Warnings?

In Open Thread on Thursday, November 19, 2009 at 1:28 pm

I’d say on average, I catch a test of the Emergency Broadcast once every couple months or so…so it strikes me as odd that I’ve caught three (two on TV, one on the radio) in the last twelve hours.  The world’s not supposed to end for three more years.  I was curious if anyone else has been hearing these tests more often lately….

  1. What are you basing this ‘three years’ on? And what’s your margin of error? I need to buy more cereal and water.

    I haven’t seen any more of these tests, but did you know Oprah is leaving TV in 2011? Betcha she knows what’s up. She’s probably fortifying her remote island paradise right now.

  2. SNK,

    I was making reference to the Mayan calendar “2012” prophecy (or whatever).

    Perhaps Oprah’s heading to the bunker, but I was joking. It just struck me as odd because I rarely encounter those warning tests.

    But if I were a Washington “script-writer”, I’d be working on a near-disaster scenario, where Uncle Sam could save the day, because let’s face it, Barack’s cool charm is really starting to wear thin, even among his supporters. Wouldn’t a “rally round the flag” moment be just what the doctor ordered?

    Also, as you may have noticed, my drive to write has really wilted of late. So these last couple posts are my baby steps….

  3. Your post makes me think of a scene from the move “The Crow” which I believe sums up our situation and why you might be seeing more emergency broadcast tests. Brandon Lee says:

    “You’re already dead….You just don’t know it yet.”

    No matter how well the powers that be have papered over (literally) our economic mess–and they have covered it better than I ever dreamed possible–, I have never stopped believing that you can’t make something from nothing forever–guess we’ll see if history is the best teacher in the end or if you really can lie enough until it becomes the truth.

    I am so glad you are posting again, you are so incredibly worth reading, guess that’s becuase you always leave us wanting more and taking forever to deliver it!! (kidding)

    Only bummer is I stopped posting much on my blog thinking “well if McHugh doesn’t feel the need, what the hell could I possibly offer?”. Now I have to think about posting more to give you more props–damn it!

    In all seriousness, thanks for showing up — it’s always great to see.


  4. I’ve actually tried to do shorter posts lately, but if there’s something that gets me riled up, it turns into a huge manifesto, which is not necessarily a good thing. Sometimes it gets so huge I don’t have time to complete it which is frustrating. We all do have other lives, after all.

  5. Thank you, Maximus,

    I credit you with the highest compliment the blog’s ever received, “The best blog you’ve never read…..” makes me smile everytime. It really helps when someone says something like “worth reading”, because so much out there is not. I try to amuse and inform, but ultimately, I want people to think for themselves and not blindly accept someone else’s “pre-packaged” reality.

    The “best4worst4” concept is excellent. It’s so hard to stay on top of everything, and you shine light on obscure writers like me, but you also alert people to the fertilizer that is passing for journalism. I hope I never wind up in your “worst4”, but I know you’d put me there if you thought it was warranted, which makes me respect you that much more.

    So assuming we’re not “already dead”, I’ll try to get back on the horse (and you should too).


  6. I haven’t noticed the emergency broadcast warnings, because I am at work. But I have seen more mass casualty drills that we participate in, but none encompassing anything extraordinarily sinister…

    Just your basic mass shootings, and explosions and what not.

  7. Perhaps Oprah has bought one of these;

    As we pound our weapons into plowshares, the wealthy are buying these relics of the cold war, and creating self reliant communities for some “reason”.

    Perhaps for those who are pounding our plowshares back into weapons…

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