Mark McHugh

Google decides to be Evil After All

In Open Thread on Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 6:22 pm

Thanks to the overwhelming success of “Click-fraud“, the wunderkinds at Google have decided to start dabbling in censorship, obstruction of justice and treason, as youtube user Cspanjunkie recently found out.   So much for “do no harm”….

I would rather drink paint than watch C-SPAN.  But I thank God that other people are watching for things like:

The scariest video of 2009

fed xanax queenCongressman Alan Grayson attempting to extratct any useful information from the Xanax Queen in charge of auditing the Fed.

Fortunately, Grayson himself uploaded this particular copy of the clip (and if you haven’t seen it yet, it is a MUST SEE!!!!).  But some other youtubers are running into trouble trying to keep Americans informed of events that are shaping our destiny.


In my wildest dreams, I could not imagine, watching, cataloging and uploading more than 6,400 videos to youtube.  But that’s what a youtube user who goes by the names Cspanjunkie and Votersthink has done, only to have the pussies at (youtube parent) Google take it all down.  This anonymous American hero has registered more than 180 million views of our government in action (or inaction, take your pick).  To make matters even worse, these cowards don’t seem to feel the need to explain why they are erasing history.


“….You have taken away a living history of the most amazing election in which history was made. It is a living history because anyone could access that history and add their two cents even now that the election is over and MILLIONS of people have done just that (Over 180 MILLION Video Views) and they (Google) are doing Harm to thousands of websites that have linked to those youtube videos which in turn Harms the internet and youtube for that matter because I defy anyone to point to another youtube page that did a better job of covering the 2008 election….”

Let’s face it, it’s not just the election coverage that has been taken down,  it’s also all the stuff that he had posted about the biggest theft in the history of the world (i.e. handing a $700 Billion check to Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson while he masqueraded as a government official).

There is a a preponderance of evidence that Hank Paulson (affectionately known around here as Hankenstein), Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, Rob Rubin and the list just goes on…colluded to extort enormous amounts of wealth from the American people.  There is actually very little evidence to support any possibility that they might be innocent (trust me, they’re not).  These people are now scrambling to destroy evidence, and they are seeking the assistance of their friends at C-SPAN and Google. It is just old-fashioned obstruction of Justice.

You shouldn’t be surprised that C-SPAN’s folding like a beach umbrella…look at the loserfest that is their Board of Directors. With the exception of self-made billionaire, Amos Hostettler, it’s a pathetic list of capitalist failures and absolute nobodies.  Good thing you guys are non-profit…

Update: Perhaps I am being unfair to C-SPAN as the source of agitation that lead to the archive removal by youtube. From the C-SPAN copyright policy:

“Although C-SPAN is the only news media organization that regularly televises the legislative proceedings of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, it does not hold a copyright in that video coverage. That government-produced video is in the public domain which means that it belongs to the American people and may be used without restrictions of any kind.”

My apologies if I have thrown the C-SPAN BOD under the bus unfairly, but what is so frustrating is that the archive was removed with no explanation.

This ain’t Major League Baseball….

I’ve got a whole bag  FUCK YOU for C-SPAN (or anyone else) who is trying to claim copyright of the “pictures, accounts or descriptions” of the US Government or it’s officials.  They work for us, they are public domain, as is any commentary, period.  So let me ask you a question America, do you think you’ll find that video of Grayson grilling “Anna-Nicole” on C-SPAN’s website or C-SPAN’s expanded video library?  Nah, the BOD of C-SPAN doesn’t feel the need to remind anyone that the monitoring of America’s wealth has been left to a cross-addicted twit, who thinks not everyone is familiar with the term “review” (actually “a fairly high level review”), in regards to WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO  NINE TRILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!

(Deep Breaths……)

I am truly grateful that we are lucky enough to still have people like Alan Grayson serving our country, but I am even more grateful that we have people like Cspanjunkie trying to keep everyone honest.  Erasing his work is erasing history, and that never happens for pure motives.  Anyone who believes otherwise, probably also thinks, “the recession is over”, “Paulson’s a hero” and “Google’s click-fraud rate is less than 0.02%“.


I wish cspanjunkie (a.k.a. votersthink, earth2obama, moxnews) all the best in his quest to have his video library restored at youtube, and invite everyone  to show support for these tireless efforts in the interest of  “truth, justice and the American way”.

These phoney-baloney “copyright” issues have to stop.  Case in point:  When a major media figure forgets to take his meds and says our President has a deep seated hatred of white people he’s gotta wear it forever.  You don’t get to “scrub” the internet of evidence that you are an unstable wing nut.  You lose your advertisers just like Michael Vick did.  And it makes me sick to see this:

glenn beckSo slandering our President on National TV is “intellectual property”?

Seriously, FUCK YOU



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  5. So if I am a rich talking wing nut media head, I get to hide all records of my stupidity/insanity? Thanks for the evidence, Glenn Beck! 😀

    Also another example of why I hate “censorship of hate speech”. It makes the liberals look like fascists while also hiding how f*cking crazy the wing nuts truly are. [duh] Two victories for the true fascists right there. I’m left leaning, but I really hate a lot of people that call themselves “liberals”.

  6. I think that’s the deal these people want, anyway. And I agree with you about hate-speech, it exposes psychos for what they are, and that’s a good thing!

    I’ve got to say, even I am surprised that so few care about the cspanjunkie archive getting obliterated.

  7. Oh, and the last video has been removed for “terms of use violation”. Incredibly ironic.

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