Mark McHugh

Ritholtz Pop (I’m not worthy)

In Open Thread on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 10:25 pm

If you’ve ever wondered what a mention from a popular blog can do for an unpopular blog, wonder no more:

ritholtzcapture1One of my heroes, Barry Ritholtz was nice enough to post some of my silliness on his blog, The Big Picture.  It’s great when anyone acknowledges you, but when it’s someone that you respect so much,  it’s (…well.…I’ve been trying to describe it for about fifteen minutes now, so I’m gonna go with….. ) indescribable.  All I can say is THANKS!!!!!!


Which brings me to the “state of the blog” address.  When something’s on your mind you can bore those nearest and dearest, post off topic on someone elses blog (done that), or try to mold your thoughts into some kind of semi-coherent glop (i.e. get your own freaking blog).  It’s a lot of fun to have a blank canvas to create and you can post charts and other visuals that you can’t in a comments section.

The downside is, it’s a pretty lonely pursuit, and when no one sees what you prepared, well, it may as well be a diary (except with clunky software that never really gives you exactly what you want).  4,000 views gets you about 20 comments, and surprisingly,  only one that’s downright kooky ( I set the kook bar pretty high, as you might have guessed).  And if you enjoy the exchanges that take place in the comment sections on blogs like I do, your own blog really takes that time away from you.

The reason I’m telling you this is I expect my work schedule to be downright brutal for the next month or so.  I don’t envision having much time to devote to blogging , so posts will probably be hurried and less frequent.

However,  I would  like to offer anyone interested the opportunity to pick up my slack.  Anyone who reads The Big Picture regularly knows that there are at least twenty good writers posting in the comments section.  Maybe they’d like to add some charts etc.  There are some pretty sharp pencils who comment at as well  (I got banished for calling idiots idiots).  Smarty_Pants was my favorite there, but there were plenty of others (alongside some  who have yet to develop thumbs).


How ’bout it?  This could be your chance to bask in the apathy I’ve come to enjoy.

Express interest in the comment section, I’ll email you back.

  1. not taking you up on your offer/challenge, but as one of the masses who found there way here via Big Picture, I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing through your archives — good stuff!

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